Linah Rose Wijngaarde started her career originally as a fashion and theatre costume designer, but decided to extent her business. She followed the art of make-up at the Art of Colors make-up school founded by Judith Doodeman having M.A.C Senior artist Connie Man as her teacher.

Fashion and make-up art combined, the name “Eleguent” arose. Eleguent is perfect for all your wishes concerning make-up, hair, and design.

During her time as a student in Fashion she enjoyed her job as a model. She worked, among others, with:

HairFashion Amsterdam
Upper Mansion Hong Kong
AirFashion Amsterdam

Now she made her return having her first pictures by ViF featured in the “Print on Demand” magazine Le Fil d’Or.

Eleguent follows the slogan: “Express yourself, Be Eleguent”. Everyone has something elegant’s on his/her own way. Sometimes it’s just the extra touch, the “Cherry on top” to make the difference and make it shine. Eleguent has a Open-minded view, breaking the standard image of men and woman in appearance. Eleguent says: “Express yourself, and be Eleguent!”